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     Brahman is the soul of the world and the supreme spirit for Hinduism. He is the force that unifies all supernatural beings. Also, all gods are manifestations of him. Brahman is the main subject of most of the Upanishads. In the Upanishads, he is described as universal, eternal, all-knowing, indescribable, etc. If a person is Hindu, his goal in life is to become one with Brahman. In order for someone become one with Brahman, he must find your Atman, which is your individual soul. Some ways of finding atman is with good meditation and by having good Karma and good Dharma. When a person has good karma and good dharma, he will move up in the caste system. Eventually, he will reach Moksha, which is the release from Samsara. However, going through this process can take many lifetimes or very few.





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